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Naeem Khan Spring 2024 “TO INDIA MY LOVE”

Capturing the idyllic array of blooming peony florals. A heartfelt homage to the colors, culture, and craftsmanship of India.

Inspired by the vibrant tapestry of his homeland, Naeem Khan's Spring 2024 collection is a heartfelt homage to the colors, culture, and craftsmanship of India. Through this collection, Naeem invites you to experience the beauty and diversity where tradition and innovation intertwine seamlessly on the runway. A true marriage between the East and the West.

Pictures by Alan Sanon

Celebrating India's Signature Craftsmanship - The heart of Naeem Khan's Spring Summer 2024 collection beats to the rhythm of India's artistic heritage, with beading and embroidery standing tall as pillars of Indian design. Khan's reverence for these crafts was palpable as he sought to honor his culture's profound contributions to the world of fashion. However, he didn't stop at homage; he ventured further to modernize and breathe new life into these cherished traditions.

Reimagining Indian Silhouettes - One of Khan's standout achievements was his ability to reimagine iconic Indian silhouettes with a contemporary twist. Embracing the spirit of the traditional sari, he ingeniously paired a silver beaded crop top with a resplendent buttery yellow skirt, accentuated by the graceful drape of a sheer shawl. This ensemble exuded youthful exuberance and charm, all while paying homage to the essence of the original design.



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