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Meta Gala 2024 details: One-of-a-kind Swarovski couture looks evoke the elements of Nature “The Garden of Time”

The dream becomes reality.

For the first time ever, Swarovski presented their couture looks at this year’s Met Gala. Guests and friends of the House Karlie Kloss, Irina Shayk, Imaan Hammam, and Anok Yai wore one-of-a-kind ensembles designed by Global Creative Director that were inspired by elements of Nature for the dress code “The Garden of Time”.

Anok Yai became Water in a futuristic tulle catsuit teamed with a high jewellery necklace from the Swarovski Created Diamonds Galaxy Collection.

Karlie Kloss embodied the crystal Flower, gracing the red carpet with an embroidered pink silk jersey gown, encrusted with 180,000 crystals and jewels from Swarovski Florere and Millenia families that took 225 hours to create.

Karlie Kloss bloomed as a crystal Flower in a pink couture gown that appeared to morph into jewelry from Swarowski Florere and Millenia families.

Imaan Hammam shone as Sun in a golden two-piece look comprising of a crystallized cape with 3,456 Gema crystals and a satin column skirt embellished with 100,000 golden crystals. Her after-party look was enhanced by Dextera and Imber jewelry.

Imaan Hammam glowed as Sun in a crystallized golden cape and a column skirt.

Imaan Hammam Met Diary

Irina Shayk represented Air in a crystal mesh couture gown that took 200 hours to create. The form fitting look created the illusion of light skimming her body, evoking the fluid movement and ethereal nature of the element. The model’s brilliance was intensified with a bespoke Millenia choker and ear cuffs, and layers of Hyperbola and Millenia bracelets, all in luminous clear crystal.

Irina Shayk portrayed Air in a crystal mesh couture gown at this year’s Met Gala.

Global Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert embodied Nature in an intricate emerald green silk satin gown inspired by Viennese artist Gustav Klimt. It took 900 hours to embroider the gown with 55,000 crystals and beads. The look was completed with matching crystallized gloves and jewelry.

Karlie Kloss Imaan Hammam Anok Yoi and Giovanna Engelbert illuminating the 2024 Met Gala in Swarovski couture looks inspired by elements of Nature.


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