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Luminary: 2023-24 FW Couture Collection by Paolo Sebastian

For over fifteen years heroine of Paolo Sebastian has embarked on many different journeys, each one as empowering and character-defining as the last. But the journey is always evolving, and so is she.

2023-24 Autumn/Winter Couture Collection, Luminary

She is the hero of her own story, and she’s the epitome of Paolo Sebastian's story so far.

Confident, capable, and in alignment with her truth, the heroine of Paolo Sebastian is a shining symbol of transformation, she shines all the brighter for it.

Luminary an embodiment of the Paolo Sebastian woman, a shining symbol of transformation and empowerment.

From the Paolo Sebastian Atelier to Paris, follow the journey of the beaded tulle tea-length gown with crop t-shirt.



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