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Les Extraits Signature: the essence of Guerlain Haute Parfumerie

Introducing Les Extraits Signature, the new collection of Extraits de Parfum from L’Art & La Matière.

The ultimate expression of each of the Maison’s six most cherished raw materials, embodying the quintessence of the Guerlain fragrance signature: the Guerlinade.

Les Extraits Signature: the essence of Guerlain Haute Parfumerie.

Excessively concentrated, flawlessly orchestrated, discover six intense expressions of the Maison’s Guerlain’s fragrance signature: the Guerlinade. Two centuries of fragrance savoir-faire brought to life by the Guerlain Perfumers, each signed with a unique golden ratio.

Discover Vanille Planifolia Extrait 21, the signature Guerlain vanilla in its ultimate concentration. A heady blend of warm vanilla notes touched with spice, wrapped in a trail of myrrh and white musk, in a celebration of the Maison’s eternal love for vanilla.

Les Extraits Signature: an homage to the six raw materials of Guerlain’s iconic olfactory signature, captured in L’Art & La Matière’s iconic personalisable bottle.

Six flawlessly orchestrated Extraits de Parfum, each one highlighting an ingredient of the Guerlinade - rose, iris, bergamot, vanilla, jasmine and tonka bean - to be worn alone or combined with one another to compose a unique Guerlain trail.



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