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Judith Leiber: More than fashion, her pieces are objets d’art!

Judith Leiber’s thousands of intricate handbag designs prove there’s nothing she couldn’t create out of Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, and semi-precious stones over her decades-long career.

Cats and dogs and swans and penguins?

A ruby red slice of watermelon? A pink-frosted cupcake? Yes, yes, and yes.

Her menagerie of minaudières remain a favorite, from Upper East Side salons to the red carpet at every single award show, and can retail for $6,000 or more. More than fashion, her pieces are objets d’art!

Judith Lieber Couture's minaudière is shaped to depict true English bulldog, complete with a bowler hat and Union Jack shirt - if you look closely you'll see it's adorned with the brand's initials. Crafted from silver-tone metal, it's set with glowing Austrian crystals, which have been hand-applied by a single artisan to ensure a seamless blend of colors.

When not in use, it will make such an artful addition to your vanity.

"Fun, glamorous and truly French" is how Judith Leiber Couture describes this 'Lucille' minaudière.

It's been crafted in Italy from polished silver-tone brass that's sculpted into the shape of a poodle and topped with glistening Austrian crystals, each hand-placed by a single artisan. Carry yours by the slim chain strap.

Marking sixty years since Judith Leiber first began making her distinctive bags, this clutch pays homage to the '80s. Strung on a dainty gold link chain, its shape takes inspiration from filigree eggs, ornately decorated with lustrous pearls and gold-leaf tendrils, and adorned with a swishy silk tassel.

The leather-lined interior protects small essentials.

Immerse yourself in the scent of our Blue Belle Perfume Bottle crystal clutch. With a golden baguette crystal stopper and a neutral metallic vine motif that features cornflower blue flowers, this handbag is a luxurious symphony of style and sophistication. Expertly handcrafted, this piece is a harmonious blend of floral glamour.

A captivating tribute to the majestic big cat family, this Wildcat Golden Cub crystal clutch crafted with intricate detail, showcases shades of light blonde and clear crystals transitioning into touches of topaz bronze and amber, creating an exotic allure that's truly unparalleled.

Embodying the essence of solitary beauty, this handbag stands alone as an exquisite expression of untamed elegance, making a daring statement that captures the essence of the wild.

For Judith Leiber's 60th anniversary, the label celebrates the decades it's been producing its signature crystal-embellished clutches – this gold style pays homage to the 2020s.

Judith Leiber Couture's clutches pass through the hands of as many as 20 different artisans - they're worked and reworked over two years to ensure the craftsmanship is of the highest standard. Fashioned into a sweet teddy bear shape by a classically trained sculptor, this gold-tone metal design is embellished with shimmering crystals that are hand-selected for their color and reflectivity, and placed individually over a five day period. It has a leather-lined interior.

Decorated with 3D rococo accents, this gold crystal-embellished clutch bag is a celebration of Judith Leiber's 60th anniversary and an ode to the opulence of the 1970s.

No detail is overlooked when it comes to Judith Leiber Couture's minaudières. Handmade to depict a carousel, this clutch is cast from gold-tone brass and set with colorful crystals, each one carefully selected to create a vibrant, three-dimensional scene. Detach the chain strap to display it on your shelf when not in use.

Embrace the whimsy of Judith Leiber's expertly crafted bags with this gold style, made from leather-lined metal saturated with crystals to form a Monarch butterfly.



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