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Inside Atelier: McQueen Pre AW23 collection

Inside the McQueen Atelier, the Design Team meticulously sew together the slashed dress with intricate metal sequins, faceted and cut beads. The dress is finished with cascading ruffles of dégradé sequins; denser at the top, gradually lightening towards the bottom.⁣ ⁣

Crafted from crystal embroidery, the McQueenPreAW23 bustier is inspired by jewels and brooches.

This new collection is a lovely balance of soft femininity and harsh reality.

The Design Team slash denim bumster trousers and place crystal embroideries onto a blazer with cut-out detailing.

⁣Metal sequins, faceted and cut beads are then intricately embroidered onto the blazer, with fringes left to hang freely along the hem. ⁣

Intricate crystal embroidery adorns the Knuckle Clutch and black tailored tuxedo from the McQueen Pre AW23 collection.⁣

The skill of those in the Atelier is breathtaking and inspirational.



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