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Guerlain Le Bouquet de la Cour crafted by the artisans of Chaumet

For the 170th anniversary of the Bee Bottle, Guerlain presents Le Bouquet de la Cour, the Exceptional Piece in collaboration with Chaumet.

Inspired by the imperial bee that links both Maisons, the Bee Bottle’s exquisitely elegant neck and curved shoulders are cloaked in chiselled gold honeycomb, fashioned by hand in Chaumet’s 12 Vendôme atelier. A moving encounter between the past and present.

Sparkling with 336 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing in at 55 carats, Chaumet's masterpiece echoes the graceful curves of Guerlain’s Bee Bottle. Almost 270 hours are required to create this fine mesh of gold and diamond honeycombs set on a fil couteau mounting, the Maison’s signature.

The essence of the extraordinary, Le Bouquet de la Cour is the ultimate expression of French excellence.

Crafted upon request by the artisans of Chaumet with infinite attention to detail, this unique piece will house a fragrance selected from Guerlain’s countless olfactory creations.



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