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Giorgio Armani Privé Fall Winter 2023-2024

The Giorgio Armani Privé Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection represents an enigmatic and alluring blossom that captivates with its carnal beauty. Embarking on a transcendent voyage from the Occident to the Orient, this extraordinary collection unveils elongated silhouettes that redefine the essence of this iconic flower, eschewing clichéd romanticism.

The rose, an emblem intrinsically tied to the feminine realm and the world of couture, emerges through the prism of the designer’s profound sensibility and unwavering attention to detail.

Le temps des roses: the Giorgio Armani Privé Fall Winter 2023-24 Collection is a carnal, seductive, mysterious bloom of red roses.

Glossy, lacquered roses, embossed on surfaces in a pattern adorned with graphic black and brilliant accents of gold. A journey from West to East through elongated silhouettes, in a collection that reinterprets the most iconic of flowers without resorting to trite romanticism.



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