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Giorgio Armani FALL 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

Winter Flowers. The Giorgio Armani Women’s Fall Winter 2024-25 Collection transmits a message of grace and hope, intertwined with the power and energy of nature and the life cycle of our planet.

Flowers that bloom even in the depths of winter, heralding beauty and regrowth, adorn the garments in this Collection, emphasising their airy, fluid forms and the sense of harmonious elegance that underpins the essence of Giorgio Armani’s work.

Relive the fashion show that has just ended to explore and discover in detail the new collection that reflects the brand's style: watch and admire all the looks seen on the catwalk to get into the mood for the coming season.

A range of nocturnal blues and intense blacks embroidered by flowers, adding light and colour. Snap through to relive the best backstage moments of the Giorgio Armani Women’s Fall Winter 2024-25 show.



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