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Georges Hobeika Un Reve Fall 2023 Couture

Enchanting with intricate details and glistening crystals, the Georges Hobeika Un Reve Fall 2023 Couture collection weaves a captivating fantasy narrative.

The Couture Fall-Winter 2023/2024 collection is an ode to the vitality and luminous power of dreams. The creators' imagination composes a poetic and colorful panorama, illuminated by the airy lines of garments designed to exalt self-confidence and femininity.

"This collection was imagined to celebrate hope and optimism. We have chosen soft colors and fluid silhouettes that evoke joy, gentleness, and freedom," says creative directors Georges and Jad Hobeika.

The expertise of the ateliers is expressed through the refinement of fabrics such as silk, duchess satin, organza, crepe chiffon, and georgette, as well as the sophistication of ornaments that highlight cascades of crystals, feathers, and pearls.

They combine velvet weaves with precisely crafted iridescent swirls of petals. A great variety of floral and botanical motifs flourish on delicate embroideries. This idyllic landscape, crowned with graceful flights of dragonflies, bears witness to the house's commitment to the ever-moving living nature.



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