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Georges Hobeika SPRING 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

Step into the ethereal realm of Aphrodite with Maison Georges Hobeika's RTW Spring 2024 Goddess of Love Collection, a poetic ode to romance, grace, and emotion, inspired by the timeless beauty of the ancient world.

Georges Hobeika presents RTW Spring 2024 “Goddess of Love”. Blessed, Honored & Thrilled to be the first fashion house to showcase its collection at the temple of Baalbek. It’s an extraordinary moment and an ode to the marvels of the ancient world.

In the RTW Spring 2024 ‘Goddess of Love’ collection, draping mousseline and delicate lace form poetic silhouettes that echo Aphrodite’s timeless mystique.

Experience the mastery of contrasts in the ‘Goddess of Love’ RTW Spring 2024 collection. From the brilliance of rich embroidery to unexpected matte threadwork, every dress is an exquisite dance between the ornate and the understated.

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From denim to georgette, the diverse fabrics of ‘Goddess of Love’ narrate tales of ancient Greek sunsets.

Bespoke lace swirls into circular shapes in the RTW Spring 2024 ‘Goddess of Love’ featuring images from ancient mythology as well as the Maison’s own icons, while a second design is inspired by the woven texture of antique rattan chairs.

The trademark rich embroidery that is part of the Georges Hobeika heritage features in all its expected brilliance a captivating narrative of femininity, strength, and beauty.

In Maison Georges Hobeika’s RTW Spring 2024 shimmering gold touches and iridescent hues conjure images of sunlight dancing on gentle waves.

The RTW Spring 2024 Collection "GODDESS OF LOVE" represents a celebration of nature's lushness and harmony.



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