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Five charming mini handbags from Simone Rocha that you need to take a look at

Emerging talent Simone Rocha has proven herself a force to be reckoned with, ascending from Central Saint Martins graduate to winner of the British Fashion Awards New Establishment Designer in only a few short seasons. With a penchant for dreamy, feminine looks and intriguing textile development, Rocha delivers an aesthetic that is both evocative and pretty—a modern take on classical style.

Its sculptural design is a perfect match for the label’s unapologetically dramatic ready-to-wear. - RFBSTYLE

Simone Rocha’s signature glass pearl embellishments are a symbol of the brand’s romantic elegance. The Fabergé Egg crossbody bags are expertly crafted and named for their resemblance to the historical art piece.

Which do you like the best?

Simone Rocha’s endearing heart-shaped clutch is a whimsical classic for any elegant ensemble. The design is embellished with faux pearls and gemstones. You can wear this piece with the pearl crossbody strap or leather wrist strap.



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