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Feel the Power of Desire.

The Ferrari SS24 Fashion Show is a story of seduction, devotion and experimentation.

Pushing the boundaries of colours, Creative Director Rocco Iannone plays with tailoring, shapes, contrasts and materials to create a new concept of contemporary elegance.

The Power of Desire ignites the runway.

Light nude tones, dazzling white, transparencies and powder blue nuances open the Ferrari SS24 Fashion Show, exalted by the softness of ‘nuvola’ napa leather and the perforated Prancing Horse camouflage motif.

Experimental denim with sophisticated washes and draped technical wool in navy blue bring out the ultra-luxurious richness of the textures.

Desaturate to emphasise. Reduce to accentuate.

Hype, sophistication and pure audacity.Patent leather in the signature Ferrari red and rich amber silk creates a crescendo of magnetic energy.



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