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Ermanno Scervino PRE-FALL 2024

The 2024 Pre-Fall collection by Ermanno Scervino embodies the brand’s idea of elegance by balancing shapes and proportions. Soft oversize coats envelop thin silhouettes in leggings and mini-skirts, while masculine tailored jackets match flowing trousers that seem stolen from a man’s wardrobe due to their size.

It is not only a sophisticated style game. It is a hint at a behaviour, like the spontaneous and informal gesture of a woman slipping into her beloved apparel while easily keeping her hands in her pockets. In this season, the woman by Ermanno Scervino wears alpaca and cashmere wool, very naturally taking shelter inside a light, warm shearling coat.

Leather—an element that immediately recalls Tuscan craftsmanship and traditions—was another strong presence in this pre-fall collection, both in a soft, pastel-tinted variation, mostly chosen for structured trenches, and also as shorts and midi A-line skirts that were a hymn to the ’70s.

Relaxed and ample trousers represented the final expression of this ode to tailoring with a firm diversion towards a more masculine closet. Once again, traditional cuts were the rule among high waists and thick, woolly fabrics that created an alternative with a cream-coloured corduroy ensemble. The most glamorous, sophisticated part of the collection was surely the animalier print found on floaty long dresses, sherpa trench-coats, and wide pants.



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