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Epic fairytale cakes that look straight out of a Disney film

  • Family-run Le Novelle Cake in Indonesia bakes epic fairytale cakes that look straight out of a Disney film

  • Some cakes, many of which are modelled on castles and cathedrals, are nine tiers and seven metres tall

  • Prices start at £4,000 but one cake encrusted with 100 diamond ring was priced at more than £400,000

  • The largest cake the bakery ever made took 9,000 hours and required five trucks to move it.

An impressive wedding cake is a must for a bride and groom who want to draw all eyes to the moment that they ceremoniously cut the bake together as man and wife.

And these lavish fairytale-inspired creations, which stand up to seven metres tall, would certainly give the wedding guests something to talk about - if your budget could stretch to one.

Edible fairytale castles, a nine-tiered Japanese pagoda and an intricately decorated cathedral are just some of the outlandish wedding cakes baked by family-run Le Novelle Cake in Indonesia.

But these epic creations don't come cheap. Prices start at £4,000 - and go up to more than £400,000.

This cathedral wedding cake has been decorated with hundreds of delicate sugar flowers, some of which have been brushed with silver and gold. Adorning the outside are golden cherubs. One of these cakes takes about a month to make

The ostentatious cakes, some of which are fitted with real electric lights, look like something straight out of a Disney film.

And that is where the bakery drew inspiration from for its castle cakes, which come complete with turrets, pillars and balconies. The iconic Cinderella castle was the model for many of the bakes, and more recently Elsa's castle in Frozen was another source of inspiration.

The most expensive cake the company has ever made featured 100 diamond rings and cost more than £400,000.

This extravagant cake is an epic castle, and looks like it came straight out of Cinderella as the scene even features the fictional princess' famous glass carriage at the foot of stairs. The whole thing has been made out of edible fondant icing and sugar

Tiffany Riyadi, whose mum Susanti Sunardjie founded the business with her husband Ricky Riyadi, said each cake usually takes one month to complete, with the most complicated one to date taking more than 9,000 hours to finish.

This fairytale castle wedding cake features incredible sugar work detail, including a carousel of horses and hundreds of flowers

She said: 'We have to transport the cakes in parts.

Usually we need two trucks to carry a structural cake. Otherwise, they won't fit through a normal car door.

We will then have a team of staff to repair any damage during transportation, assemble the cake and sugar flowers and do the finishing touches.

The largest of our cakes required five trucks and eight man hours to assemble.'

The castle cakes are made with Styrofoam that is then covered with fondant icing and decorated with sugar paste flowers - making the outside entirely edible.

The team can create a 100 per cent edible castle cake but are yet to receive an order for one due to the amount of cake that would have to be eaten and the hefty price tag it would come with.

Tiffany works with her sister Miyo Minaki, her brother Dion Riyadi and his wide Ling-Ling Riyadi at the company's two branches in Jakarta and Bali, making it a truly family-run operation.

Up to 15 people will be decorating a cake at any one time.

Cherubs are a common theme for the bakery's extravagant wedding cakes. This white cake is adorned with sugar flowers in shades of pink and features an incredible seven tiers

Tiffany added: 'We have been in the cake business since 1993 but it was under a different name back then.

'It all started as a neighbourhood cake business selling birthday cakes to friends and relatives. The business grew and in 2004 we started making wedding cakes under the name Le Novelle Cake.

'We take on several projects at a time but three weeks to one month is what we average on when making our large cakes.

'The biggest most complicated one we've made so far took roughly 24 people working for 32 days at 12 hours a day - so around 9,200 working hours. We love putting in personal touches that show our clients their cake is truly made for them and is all about them.

This breathtaking Japanese pagoda cake has an astonishing nine tiers. It features intricate icing detail, including a loved up couple on the bottom tier, as well as Japanese inspired symbols. Red flowers contrast against the white of the cake

This church tower cake is held up by intricate pillars and it even features a mini chandelier that really lights up

For Le Novelle Cake, this bake is almost simple but it still features an incredible amount of decoration and detail. Stcking to a predominantly white theme, the bakers have decorated the second tier with strings of pearls

For the interior lights, we hollow out the structure and install a small light bulb in it.

Depending on the request we can then connect the cable to a battery, or simply connect the wires to a power outlet. For lights that wrap around the cake, we used normal Christmas lights and hide the cables between our sugar flowers or crystals as needed.

Afterwards, we cover the cakes in icing fondant and carry on with the decoration as normal.

Most of our clients are truly astonished and happy. The photos do not show the true scale and enormity of the cake themselves. Lots of our clients are surprised at how large they are.

Their reactions make us very proud. I love how we can make a work of art that wows people and make their wedding day even more special.'



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