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Emporio Armani SPRING 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

Like a breeze. The Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2024 Women’s fashion show embodies summer: a radiant, weightless collection made of the lightest fabrics discreetly illuminated by touches of metallics and iridescence, woven and embroidered, yet impalpable as veils.

Models swapped their usual poker faces for smiles as they stepped onto the runway-in-the-round at Emporio Armani.

Is it any wonder?

This collection, made for holidays under the sun and stars, was ultra-bright with lollipop colors, sheer fabrics and a lineup of summery jackets to suit every style.

Emporio Armani is the sporty, more adventurous cousin to Giorgio Armani and the designer embraced that carefree spirit, adding shorts and strapless swing dresses. For evening, Armani paired cropped, embellished tops and long skirts for a look with bellydancer flair.

The Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2024 Women’s Fashion Show is the personification of a breezy summer.

The body takes centre stage: jackets are figure-skimming, crop tops and shorts reveal glimpses of skin, sometimes covered by transparent pictorial fabrics; trousers accompany the silhouette and long, flowing skirts emphasise every step.

The style is snappy and immediate, complemented by flat shoes, small hats and decorative headscarves. Bags, by contrast, are capacious, or minimal enough to hold just the essentials. The colour palette starts with warm golden beiges and cools down to tones of silver, chalk and mineral greys; deep notes of lapis lazuli and grape light up with touches of chartreuse and then blossom into an intense rose bloom.

Everything flows lightly, like a breeze.

The models in a closing section of colorful floor length dresses and skirts teamed with heaped necklaces and headscarfs returned at the end with Armani in their midst.

Mr Armani taking his bow at the Emporio Armani Women’s Spring Summer 2024 show



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