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Elisabetta Franchi FW'23 LookBook

The Elisabetta Franchi woman is back on the move and, for the Autumn-Winter 2023 collection, is embarking on an adventure through time and space to land in the American Art Deco period, ready to break away from old patterns and experiment with the new.

A free thinker, open to the contemporary, she surrenders to the appealing fascination of the first women aviators. Thus, the glamorous aesthetic of Red Carpet numbers is punctuated by oversized cargo trousers in denim paired with sleek, embroidered tops. Her wardrobe is a well-balanced mix of cult pieces with a penchant for coat-dresses, blazers and aviator jackets that convey a confident attitude and free mindset, having distanced herself from the conventions of the past.

"I chose to look at this collection as if through a kaleidoscope, a device that always fascinated me. It took me on a journey through the imagination, fragmenting and reassembling - in wholly unexpected ways - lines and colour combinations”.

The materials drape around the silhouette, ranging from sensual skin-tight cuts to softer lines, especially at the waist. Inserts and lace details nod to lingerie accompanied by plunging necklines that evoke a sophisticated and self-aware sensuality.

Beads and pearls act as the leitmotif of the collection alongside fringes, the brand’s true trademark. Complete the looks bejewelled platform heels, satin mules and Red Carpet shimmering sandals styled with elegant, sculptural bags in the shape of quilted trunks crafted from velvet and ornate with embroideries.



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