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ELIE SAAB Resort 2025: Of Cinematic Splendor

The serene azure waters of Lake Como glisten through the opulent verdant botanicals and graceful statues of Giardini Di Villa Melzi, creating a tableau worthy of a mid-century Italian cinematic masterpiece.

The essence of La Dolce Vita lingers amidst the lush greenery and pristine architecture, transforming the gardens into an elaborate Cinecittà set where every corner whispers of romance and timeless elegance.

The allure of the 1950s and the vibrant essence of the Italian golden age are captured in ELIE SAAB RESORT 25. Emulating the creative cinematic weaving of antiquity with the avantgarde, the collection features a deep color palette that highlights luscious textures and

brings feminine iconic silhouettes into the present moment.

Like ancient statues coming to life, the collection shows understated gold embellishments trace each stitch of an off-white cady suit, as petite rhinestone bows glisten on clean black pencil skirt and a matching jacket.

Abstract golden monograms accentuate D-belt buckles of feminine boilersuits and the pockets of Cerulean’s light wool jackets and modern denim suits. Grand hortensia flowers flourish on a bustier dress and down the sleeves of a mid-length collared jacket, bringing organic breath to more structured lines.

Il mare Mediterraneo waves through empire blue large bows that enhance the defined

waistlines of the A-line dress. As the sun sets and the credits begin to roll, warm rays of Garden Lily pink and Cappuccino macramé embroidery flows across sundresses and wideleg ankle pants with a matching collared shirt. Full-fringe tiered skirts and cocktail dresses

shimmy and shake in electric silver and gold beads.

ELIE SAAB RESORT 25 unfolds in the spirit of a new adventure, imagined with threads of elegance and whimsy, of nostalgia and the promise of a captivating moment. The collection extends an invitation to immerse oneself in a CINEMATIC SPLENDOUR where enchantment

and the magic of La Grande Bellezza await at every turn.



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