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The ELIE SAAB woman emerges as strong and gentle, exciting and full of grace, reflecting a contemporary spirit in the ELIE SAAB Ready-to-Wear Fall Winter 24 collection.

On a chic and vibrant Memphis night, MELODIES OF GRACELAND pulsate through the city streets. The ELIE SAAB woman’s eyes light up in the soft glow of the neon lights, dancing to the timeless songs that come alive in the READY-TO-WEAR F/W 24 collection.

Modish feminine silhouettes shimmy onto the scene with subtly exaggerated volumes, elaborated materials and ornate details. Extravagant beaded paisley glistens into wool capes and crop-top crepe ensembles.

Strong Moody Blue oversized denim expressions interpret golden abstract ELIE SAAB monograms into chic Western motifs over broad shoulders and wide hemlines. In a more subdued song list of black and white, melodies of Viva Las Vegas magenta and Suspicious Mind green carry in airy flowing silk and draping cady dresses with swirling rosette brooch embellishments. Long bold fringe draws attention to clean lines as it swishes and sways down sleeves, across pockets and midlines in movements of country


Dazzling oversized manteaus envelop the ELIE SAAB woman through the day and into the embrace of sundown, where she continues to channel her Presley magnetism. Intricate appliqué traces the contours of figure-hugging velvet cocktail fun, while lace embroideries flourish into tulle sweetheart bustiers and plunging V-necklines.

Classic black crepe off-the-shoulder pencil gowns come to life as illuminating white bouquets vine across their sides. High cowboy chunky heeled boots, big buckle-forward cross bodies and charmed belts add the final carefree touches with the refined spirit of the Wild West.

In READY-TO-WEAR F/W 24, the ELIE SAAB woman emerges as strong and gentle, exciting and full of grace, reflecting a contemporary spirit. The collection is a never-ending song where the MELODIES OF GRACELAND resound beyond Elvis, in the iconised images of Priscilla.



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