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Dolce&Gabbana SPRING 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

Grace, allure, and Dolce & Gabbana’s signature codes define the essence of the confident and seductive WOMAN for DGSS24.

A collection that’s centred around sleek silhouettes, the timeless elegance of the 1960s, opulent textures and the captivating interplay of black and white.

Vittoria Ceretti wears a pinstriped wool jacket with an oversized masculine-inspired cut, matching culottes and a tulle cup top and rose appliqué, with a fully ruffled back in black printed silk chiffon and transparent tulle sandals.

An asymmetrical polka-dotted silk chiffon dress with a neck bow, stiletto sandals featuring a metal heel insert, Chantilly lace lingerie with polka dots, and a tulle bra adorned with a small satin insert.

A long dress with high front slit cinched at the waist, a neck bow, jersey lingerie, tulle bra, plumetis and lace garters, the new Old Money satin bag and stiletto sandals.

A Turlington double-breasted jacket in pinstriped fabric, adorned with a handcrafted silk organza lapel pin paired with an asymmetrical top in silk chiffon with polka dots, wide-legged trousers, a tulle bra featuring a centred rose and flat tulle stretch boots.

Irina Shayk wears a trench coat with ruffled sleeves, satin lapels, satin-covered buttons, and an organza rose at the collar, plumetis lingerie with a rose-adorned bra and stiletto sandals.

Timeless is the word for the tailoring that’s the flipside of all their skin-baring corsetry. A traditionally cut double-breasted tuxedo in ivory with black satin lapels and pocket flaps was striking, but they did more playful things, as well.

Like twisting a jacket body to the side to create a one-sleeved look, or cropping a single-breasted tux at the waist to show off a pair of satin knickers worn over pantyhose. The pantsless look is gaining real traction at the shows, with influencers seen wearing versions of it. Why wouldn’t Dolce and Gabbana stake a claim to that?



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