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Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda 2024

In the bright Mediterranean light of the archaeological site of Nora, each creation pays homage to Sardinia’s deep historical roots, a land rich in symbols and profound meanings that transports observers on a journey through tradition and modernity.

Highlighted are three-dimensional embroideries and techniques inspired by filigree, shaping bodices, jewel-encrusted breastplates, and belts.

Also commanding attention are majestic capes meticulously handcrafted from tubular weavings of flax, wool, and jacquard silk, harking back to the ancient art of Sardinian weaving and the artisanal production of woollen artifacts.

These masterpieces weave a tale wrapped in mystery and beauty, employing a play of glimmers, textures and unique decorations that seamlessly embrace the body, achieving a perfect balance between secrecy and revelation, refinement and daring, the seen and the unseen.

Embodying the essence of Sardinian craftsmanship, DGAltaModa weaves a tale of artistry and MadeInItaly craftsmanship.

Handcrafted capes intertwine tubular wool, fringes, braids, and jacquard silk, paying homage to the ancient art of Sardinian weaving and the production of woollen artifacts. Vibrant, contrasting colours echo the bold hues of traditional local costumes, while intricate DGFattoAMano embroidery techniques create striking three-dimensional contrasts, evoking surreal imagery akin to giant, colourful dolls.

#DGAltaModa collection showcases the artistry of filigree. Inspired by Sardinia’s deep cultural tapestry, the #DGFattoAMano designs recreate hand woven tubular fabrics with an intricate blend of gold threads into three-dimensional patterns that grace corsets, bras, jewel-encrusted bodices, and belts.

Each piece reflects #MadeInItaly craftsmanship and centuries-old traditions, harmonizing textures and unique embellishments to evoke the island’s enigmatic past with the artistry synonymous with #DolceGabbana.



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