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Dive into the allure of Amazonian Rose by Carolina Herrera with an intimate gathering in Mexico City

Introducing Amazonian Rose, the newest edition to Herrera Confidential. Inspired by a scentless flower, Amazonian Rose harks back to the early days of Mrs. Herrera's creative and artistic life, especially to Hacienda La Vega, her home in the heart of Caracas where a unique plant called 'La Rosa de Venezuela' thrived in the lush gardens.

"It's a flower that I grew up seeing. Yet, this flower has no scent," says Beauty Creative Director Carolina A. Herrera. "So, we decided to give it one."

To evoke the memories and sensations, Amazonian Rose combines cardamom from Guatemala, Damask rose, incense, and myrrh, all encased in a strikingly Herrera red glass bottle.

Beauty Creative Director Carolina A. Herrera and Creative Director Wes Gordon sit together to talk about the newest Herrera Confidential fragrance, Amazonian Rose.

“I love that idea that you found this magical odorless flower,” says Creative Director Wes Gordon, “and you created for it its scent.”

The scent is a tribute to Latin America, with hints of cardamom, Damask rose, incense, and myrrh that evoke the lush gardens of the Herrera family home in Venezuela.

Delve into the Amazonian Rose universe!

Carolina Herrera at Hacienda La Vega, photographed by Horst P. Horst, 1968.

Carolina and Reinaldo Herrera photographed at La Vega, Caracas, 1979

Sketches of Hacienda La Vega details and gardens

Amazonian Rose fragrance bottle

Top note, the freshness of Guatemalan cardamom

Heart note, the accord of the iconic ‘Rosa de Venezuela’

Base note, an accord of mystical Mexican copal



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