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Discover the rose like never before, with 11 unexpected facets of Lancôme’s exclusive Centifolia Rose

In a land where nature’s grandeur lives untamed, LANCOME grows a rose like no other. Discover 11 facets of the rose like never before - Absolue les parfums.

Enter a new era of radical olfactive experiences, with Lancôme’s first haute-parfumerie collection - dedicated to the rose. Discover the rose like never before, with 11 unexpected facets of Lancôme’s exclusive Centifolia Rose, combining traditional French savoir-faire and innovation.

Like a symphony of olfactory notes, the halo construction reveals the hidden facets of rose. In a mission to reinvent Lancôme’s most iconic ingredient, 11 perfumers have dedicated their unrivaled rose expertise and fragrance savoir-faire to capture the many facets of rose at Domaine de la Rose.

At dawn, the first rays of sun reflect on the morning dew, the rose shines with a lily-of-the-valley accord. She is optimistic, like a brand new day, as she dances alongside Jasmine from the domaine. Clean and bright, fresh and floral, reminiscent of the endless possibilities stretched out ahead.

"Our Master Perfumers have freed themselves from the classic olfactory pyramid and invented a new way of constructing a perfume with the halo construction. The rose becomes the heart of an olfactory symphony. Each perfume in the Absolue Les Parfums collection is born from the fusion of the exclusive Lancôme rose and an element of nature emblematic of the rose domain." - LANCOME

Under the moonlight, the rose becomes hypnotic. She is illuminated. Coming alive in the night, she’s almost cold, mineral, and intriguingly mysterious. Enveloped in deep sandalwood notes with the sweetness of the rose, she transports the mind and senses to a mystical state of inner peace.

“The quintessence of the rose, more magnified than ever, natural and anchored in modernity.

1001 Roses celebrates Lancôme's emblematic Rose, a plural Rose with modern, fresh and airy blooms, represented through all its faces and all its facets."

Every morning in May, the rose is freshly picked. Revealing petal by petal, its purest fragrance.

1001 Roses Eau de Parfum is a kaleidoscope of roses, the original emblem of our Domaine de la Rose. Its fresh, vibrant juice represents the freshness of a freshly picked rose. Full of nuance, depth and contrast, the classic notes of rose come to life under the spring sun.

"Between elegance and carnal extravagance, a rose dressed in the depths of woods and amber... I was inspired by the duality of the rose, between its elegance and its sensuality."

Burning with fiery fire, the rose is fearless and dangerous. Combined with deep patchouli, it becomes indomitable. Her defiant spirit is matched only by her legendary beauty. Meeting deep, masculine vetiver, perfectly paired with earthy patchouli, our rose is sensual yet balanced and harmonious.

"Like a summer storm, the fruity rose is electrified by vegetal and fiery accents. The blackcurrant bud absolute strikes like lightning. Produced in a French and sustainable way, it brings green, juicy, spicy notes and complex. The floral heart of rose reveals an atmosphere that is both very sensual and vegetal."

In summer rain, the air is heavy with moisture even long after the storm has passed. The rose is electrified. Beautifully blended with earthy patchouli and complemented with tart cassis. It tingles on the skin.

"Hidden in the winter mist, the rose is both fresh, almost cold and sensual, tinged with mystery. an enigmatic accord that takes us back to that ephemeral moment, just after the rain, highlighted by the softly iridescent musk. "

Hidden in the winter mist, she is not your rose. Cold and mysterious, she cannot be possessed. Almost impossible to reach, it belongs to nature. Surviving the winter frost, enveloped in soft musk, it exudes aquatic freshness.

"Like velvet on the skin, a golden glow, enveloped in a veil of precious rose, jasmine and velvety musk, it creates an aura of comfort and intimacy."

Soft as velvet, rose envelops the skin with elegant freshness. Do you recognize her?

It is the olfactory reinterpretation of our iconic Crème Fondante Absolue. White tea delicately blends with our iconic rose, softened by musk. Its almost citric notes warmly embrace the skin.

"The first gourmet oud: a deliciously irresistible oud... This 'pleasure oud' awakens our senses with its addictive intensity and its epicurean signature."

Caressing a dark oud, the rose is soft but provocative. It is both brutal and warm, its unpredictability is addictive. Rich, dark, warm and dangerous. An intense and heady oud wood enveloped in a blanket of sweet praline and delicate rose. Like contemplating a starry night in the sky of the Domaine, at the height of summer.

"A chiaroscuro of rose and vetiver. For this creation, the rose is contrasted and adorned with wood. The vetiver reveals its fresh and smoky facets to adorn the rose and reveal a new intensity."

Reborn from its ashes and against all odds, the rose is strong and resilient. It is textured by the musky addiction of ambrette. Its fresh and smoky facets bring it a new intensity. Its radiance emerges from the intense vetiver like a beacon of hope in the darkness.

"When the smoky and captivating swirls of black tea meet the delicate freshness of rose. A resolutely contrasting fragrance, oscillating between dark and deep nuances and more luminous and colorful tones."

Dancing with the smoke, the rose reveals its darkest secrets. She is daring and subversive. Darkened by the smoky notes of black tea, the rose reveals its dark facets alongside intense and masculine guaiac wood. His dark side is unexpected and daring.



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