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Discover the enchanting world of golden Nada Ghazal jewelry

'Doors of Opportunity' is a collection that draws its inspiration from the symbolism and beauty of doors - often seen as a gateway between one life and another.

“ My jewellery is like a window to my soul. Each reveals a part of my story. Through my pieces, I hope to connect with people from around the world.” Nada Ghazal

The most gratifying reason to being a jeweller is translating my emotions into timeless jewellery pieces that awaken emotions in others.

Nada Ghazal creates timeless fine jewellery with an edge, handcrafted in 18k gold and adorned with precious and semi-precious gems. Each jewel echoes a different sense of emotion, mirroring not only an adornment of the senses but more so celebrating what it means to be a woman. 

Nada refers to her collections as jewels with a soul and a true labor of love. Through her fine jewellery, Nada aspires to emotionally connect with women around the world.

The collection features auspicious symbols and precious stones, that represent blessings such as transformation, love, luck, courage and prosperity.

Through this collection, the designer hopes to ignite inspiration within others, urging them to embrace the allure of new beginnings and manifest the blessings they want from life.

'Doors of Opportunity' is a collection that represents the belief in the magic of new beginnings. It is inspired by the beauty and symbolism of doors.

The collection features symbols and precious stones that represent blessings for luck, love, prosperity, courage and many more.

The Arch Rings represent courage in gold, self-love in pink, luck in green and prosperity in blue.

Domes are often seen as a symbol of perfection. They are used to signify eternity and wholeness.

Discover the new chapter from ‘Doors of Opportunity’.

The Door - Necklaces

The green lotus signifies clarity and luck. The pink arch represents renewal and self-love. The white butterfly symbolizes rebirth. Choose the symbol that your soul desires and manifest your blessing…

‘Doors of Opportunity’ Lotus Petal Earrings and Arch Stripe rings. New from Nada Ghazal.

For many, jewelry has mystical and spiritual symbolism beyond the material and aesthetic significance. Jewelry was often used for healing, manifestation, protection, and blessings.

Image showing Arched rings symbolizing movement from one life moment to another manifesting, blessings of luck, courage, prosperity, happiness, self-love and power.



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