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The talented New York-based designer duo behind the fashion brand Cucculelli Shaheen, Sophie Cucculelli and Sharbel Shaheen have been turning heads for the past few seasons with their refreshing, off-the-cuff approach to ready-to-wear. Their collections are designed for the modern-day woman – with every piece exuding an effortless yet polished – aesthetic created with a bold, experimental eye. Futuristic and ultra-feminine, Cucculelli Shaheen’s designs marry both contemporary and timeless silhouettes.

Clean lines and sharp tailoring collide against voluminous, multifaceted shapes, each piece creating an ensemble of overlapping textures and colors. The perennial use of ruffles, sculptural frills and raw hems adds to the ethereal feeling of the collection, drawing attention to the signature femininity of their creations. Composed of modern day staples – blazers, wrap skirts and multi-strap bodysuits – the Cucculelli Shaheen aesthetic pays homage to the past while remaining ever aware of the future.

With their latest spring campaign, the designers challenge the boundaries between ready-to-wear and couture through faultless fabrication and meticulous craftsmanship. Although they treat themselves to details and fabrics, the collection differs from traditional couture in its accessibility to the everyday woman, ensuring that each and every one of their customers is able to find pieces that match their tastes and lifestyles – all while looking exceptional.

Every item of clothing has its place in the world of Cucculelli Shaheen, which is known for its carefully considered placement of fabrics and colors. Their aesthetics is a joyful celebration of modern femininity and confidence, designed to make every long-legged runway star look and feel her best. The lively vibrancy and considered craftsmanship of the collection makes it a must-have for any fashion-foward woman wanting to stay ahead of the trends. If you’re looking for an empowering collection to add some spice to your wardrobe, Cucculelli Shaheen is the brand for you!



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