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Christian Siriano SPRING 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

"Celebrating 15 years of beauty that comes in all shapes, sizes and ages from all around the world for team SIRIANO! I don’t have all the words right now to express the gratitude, I have for so many people that have helped a young American designer who is self-funded survive in this insane Fashion Industry. You know you are so I thank you! Here is to a beautiful day showcasing art that we get to live our lives in! "— Christian Siriano.

Coco Rocha for Christian Siriano

"Today marks the 15th anniversary of Christian Siriano’s incredible run in New York fashion! Christian has always made decisions with his heart and never waited for the “industry” to give their cues before he took action. Through 15 years of hard work and pure talent, he has established himself as a powerhouse in New York fashion. He forges his own path and that to me, makes him a real leader". — Coco Rocha.



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