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Christian Louboutin: The new parfum Loubihorse inspired by underwater dreams

Christian Louboutin continues to take us on a new fantastic journey into his dreams through a new fresh and estival Loubiworld fragrance.

Hidden in the depths of the sea, this unique fragrance rises to the surface, surrounded by a surreal labyrinth of coral and guarded by a curious seahorse.

"When I was little, I used to love listening to the sea by putting my ear on a shell.” - Christian Louboutin.

Following the first eau de parfum légère, Loubimar, Christian Louboutin is pleased to introduce a new fragrance, Loubihorse, inspired by his underwater dreams.

A wave of spicy and floral notes by Christophe Raynaud.

A transparent bottle with a light pink juice, adorned with a magnificent cap mixing a shell with a sea horse twisted with Louboutin fans.

Lose your senses to elevated freshness with Christian Louboutin Eau de Parfum Légère collection



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