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The CHANEL Fall-Winter 2024/25 Ready-to-Wear show took place at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris, in a seaside setting reminiscent of Deauville, which inspired Gabrielle Chanel the invention of an allure. Shrouded in mystery, the models seem to be walking along the mythical boardwalk of the French coastal town. Cinematic, the collection imagined by Virginie Viard takes its vibrant or pastel shades from the ever-changing colours of the Deauville sky, along with brown and gold lamé. A nod to the relationship between CHANEL, the coastal town and the 7th art, cinematic references punctuate the silhouettes.

As the sun rises in Deauville, a place which inspired Gabrielle Chanel the invention of an allure, a series of photographs by Inez & Vinoodh offers a first glimpse at the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2024/25 Ready-to-Wear collection imagined by Virginie Viard.

Seaside silhouettes – as the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2024/25 Ready-to-Wear collection unfolds, a modern masculine feminine attitude inspired by Deauville emerges through elongated coats belted low, creating a series complemented by sweeping pastel hats and high boots.

Coastal Nonchalance – for the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2024/25 Ready-to-Wear collection, Virginie Viard imagined coordinated tweed and knit ensembles, belted and defined by kimono sleeves or wide, flared trousers in watercolour tones. Vintage-inspired jewellery and oversized hats bring a sense of occasion to these relaxed looks.

Cinematic Allure – the magnetic elegance of Deauville is reimagined by Virginie Viard for the Fall-Winter 2024/25 Ready-to-Wear collection as a black robe coat flecked with white and grey worn loosely over a relaxed silk ensemble. The graphic pattern is drawn from the mythic boardwalk and a quilted bag evokes the pink of clouds at dawn as a large brim hat adds a fascinating touch to the silhouette.



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