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Carolina Herrera FALL 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

Not coincidentally, Wes Gordon was talking about beauty and power before the Herrera show.

The most beautiful women I know are powerful, strong and resilient. I designed the Carolina Herrera Fall 2024 collection to reflect this strength. Silhouettes are streamlined, precise and clean. Ruffles are undulating and architectural in their form. Embellishments are intricately woven, beaded and embroidered. I am obsessed with the pursuit of craft. New experiments in color blocking and new ways of dividing colors on the body in strong and intriguing combinations represent the next evolution in my language of color. I am continually reaching for the height of elegance, the height of craft, the height of embellishment and that perfect detail. - Wes Gordon

Herrera was famous for wearing (today she was in a ladylike violet skirt suit). It’s just that they were interspersed with more streamlined and architectural designs, like the turtleneck and cigarette pants with an asymmetrical swoop of a skirt spiraling down one leg; or a zip-front basque-hip tank and palazzo pants, not in silk faille or some other uber-fine fabric, but dark denim.

Photographed by: @marykangphoto



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