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Balmain Teams Up With Gisele Bündchen Photographed By Rafael Pavarotti For A Rosy Spring Campaign

Welcome to the new Balmain summer 2024 campaign with Gisele Bündchen.

"While Balmain Spring 2024 is anything but superficial (I made very sure that our stems contained more than their fair share of thorns, to best reflect the compelling complexity of desire), Balmain colourful collection for this season is definitely an unabashed celebration of the power of love, beauty and joy—because today we could definitely all use a whole lot more joy, beauty and love in our lives." Olivier Rousteing

Captured in Paris by Rafael Pavarotti

"So, when it came time to shoot these designs, I knew exactly who to partner with: Rafael Pavarotti, who had just overseen a series of stunning images for our Balmain Fall 2023 campaign. Deciding on the spirit, focus, attitude and star of the spring campaign was just as easy." Olivier Rousteing

Captured in Paris by Rafael Pavarotti

Olivier Rousteing about Gisele Bündchen:

"I mean, obviously, she’s a legendary beauty—but her breathtaking beauty is somehow transformed into something even more powerful when combined with that genuine happiness and confidence that she has been continually projecting for over twenty years, both on the runway and on those countless covers and editorials that I’ve always torn out and kept as inspirations."

Captured in Paris by Rafael Pavarotti
"So let me close this note by saying muito obrigado to the powerful Brazilian duo of Gisele and Rafael. You two formed the ideal team, giving our latest campaign exactly the type of colorful ebullience that we needed. Together, you’ve perfectly captured the effervescent essence of our Balmain Spring rose garden." Olivier Rousteing

Captured in Paris by Rafael Pavarotti



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