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Antonio Marras FALL 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

The Antonio Marras FW24 collection on the runways was inspired by Eleonora D’Arborea, Medieval Princess of Sardinia: a modern, rebellious and avant-garde woman.

What an EPIC start of Milan Fashion Week! First stop: Antonio Marras, who found inspiration in Eleonor of Arborea, a princess of Sardinia in the Medieval times. Eleonor’s favorite activity was hunting with falcons, an art loved in the Arab world, and practiced at the time by kings and queens. She was a warrior princess, and that reflected on the runway with models dressed in camouflage prints, coats bejeweled with sparkling spikes, and metallic accents as an ode to warlike armors.

Silhouettes were strong, even if seen sometimes with feminine elements such as bows and ruffles, with generous volume, underlining the strength of the Antonio Marras woman. The closing look was a masterpiece in itself — a floating white gown accessorized with an intricate headpiece for an epic finale that made us all surrender to the charm of Eleonor of Arborea.

Video by Author Daily

Video by Author Daily



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