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Andrew Gn FW23

Andrew Gn decided to call his fall outing “Roots,” for lots of reasons.

Since his early childhood, Andrew Gn was immersed in the world of Art and Antiques. He is a collector at heart. This passion translates into many cultural and historical inspirations for his fashion designs. Chinese porcelain, Braque, Utopian Robots, there is no impossible dialog. East meets West, Klimt meets Tribal art and Baroque meets Sci-Fi. His collections are a journey through time and space, encapsulated in the most luxurious and exclusive materials.

Andrew Gn's eponymous label reflects the designer's artful eye and eclectic influences. An expert craftsman and tailor, the Central Saint Martins graduate favors beautiful fabrics, exquisite cuts and couture techniques. His accessories and clothes resonate with "radiant, confident and cosmopolitan" women and regularly grace the red carpet.

"My native roots are in Asia, but it is in the rich fashion soil of France that my House has grown and flourished. Both made me whole. This collection celebrates my upcoming career retrospective in May 2023 at the Asian Civilisations Museum in my homeland, Singapore." - Andrew Gn.



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