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Altuzarra FALL 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

In honour of the anniversary of Altuzarra’s first-ever show—and fifteen years as a brand—the collection will be presented in a salon-style runway show.

“Our first show was familial and intimate. My mom baked cookies for backstage, we played music on a boombox, friends helped me clip lights on the ceiling and manned the door. A lot has changed over the last fifteen years, but one thing remains the same: Altuzarra is personal. It is about family, friends, and community. I loved the idea of coming full circle and paying homage to those who have made Altuzarra what it is today,” says Altuzarra.

With his Fall Winter 2024 Collection, Joseph Altuzarra picks up where last season ended–evolving and rethinking the idea of a modern wardrobe. The everyday and utilitarian coexist with the precious and the rare, reflecting the way people live and dress today.

“I wanted this collection to feel, in some ways, like a ‘collection’ in a different sense of the word, meaning: collected, over time, passed from generation to generation, and gathered over many travels and discoveries” Joseph Altuzarra

“I worked on this collection in a different way,” Altuzarra said at a studio preview before the space was emptied to prepare for the show. “It wasn’t as much about stories and much more about pieces that I felt interested in developing.” After a season that was called out for some secondhand ideas, Altuzarra was due for a reset, and this collection did indeed feel renewed, with fresh ideas pulled from his own personal preoccupations.



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