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All eyes will be on you when the big say comes, whatever your bridal style. So, where to begin?

Engagement ring on hand, now your hunt for a wedding dress can begin. All eyes will be on you when the big day comes, whatever your bridal style. So, where to begin?

Let's ask an expert.

I’m looking for a wedding dress. Where do I begin?

No two brides are the same, so the main thing is to find a dress that you feel amazing in. Forget about everything else. Try your favourite outfits on at home and make a mental note about why you love them. Is it their necklines? A particular shape? The fabric? From here, look for designers who do dresses that share this aspect. Social media is a brilliant tool. You can easily research the brands you like, and most designers will have a gallery of their past brides so you can see the dresses on lots of different women. To get the most out of your bridal appointment, it’s best to have an idea of the silhouettes you like. However, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new – you may surprise yourself!

When should I buy a wedding dress?

Most dresses take around six months to be made, so we usually recommend that you allow at least a year before your wedding to find the right one. This means that you can try things on without rushing and give yourself time to decide. Ideally, you’d choose your outfit between nine and twelve months before your wedding, with fittings scheduled around three to four weeks before the day itself.

What must I bring to go wedding dress shopping?

The shoes that you plan on wearing are a must. We can’t do your fitting without them. You should also bring the underwear and any special solutions that you’re planning to wear – if your dress is backless, for example. Remember to bring all of these to every fitting you have.

Should I change my wedding dress for the reception?

It’s your wedding day, so have fun with it and make as many changes as you want! I’ve always been passionate about individual styling and the Halfpenny London ethos is all about choice. I love the concept of layering detachable elements to transform the outfit throughout the day and this has been a key part of the brand since we launched in 2005. The great thing about choosing a detachable overskirt, for example, is that you can wear it over a beautiful fit-and-flare silhouette and transform your look between the ceremony and reception. If you want a really dramatic change, you could wear the Love dress for the ceremony and the layered Wheatley dress for the wedding breakfast – before whipping off the bottom tier to dance the night away.

To veil, or not to veil?

In the same way that detachable sleeves and overskirts provide an opportunity for layering, a veil or cape can add a magical element to a simple dress. Personally, I couldn’t imagine not wearing a veil on my wedding day. Even though it was sheer, it gave me the opportunity to hide a little when I stepped into the church with all eyes on me – it was like my armour. Veils can really elevate any look and make the simplest of gowns become bridal. Certain styles like a 3D-appliquéd veil, for example, can also make outfits that are quite lacy and pretty feel edgy and fashion-forward. Some brides love the idea of a veil but aren’t totally convinced when they wear one. In this instance, capes are the perfect alternative.

Is there a bridal trend for 2022?

The trend of larger-than-life sleeves has filtered from the catwalks into bridalwear and many brides are loving the opportunity to give a classic, simple, effortless dress some wow factor by adding a detachable sleeve. We have some epic Mikado sleeves in the exclusive Harrods collection and a gorgeous shrug that adds volume. It allows you to update any dress and have fun.

"No two brides are the same, so the main thing is to find a dress that you feel amazing in. Forget about everything else"

Can I rewear my wedding dress?

We really encourage our brides not to view their wedding outfit as single wear, and to think about the possibilities of incorporating it into their wardrobe. Even the biggest ballgown skirt can be shortened and worn with a gorgeous top and heels for a night out, and many of our separates need no alterations at all and can be styled in so many ways as they are. These items will last a lifetime and are supposed to have a story. They are made to be enjoyed. Each time you wear them, you’ll be reminded of your wonderful day.

How do I wash and store my wedding dress?


Most pieces will have to be dry-cleaned, so follow the cleaning instructions carefully. The best way to store your gown is to get it professionally cleaned and packed in a suitable box, wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. This will preserve it for a lifetime.

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