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Alia Bin Omair's 'Tears' collection

Alia bin Omair’s eponymous fine jewellery label fuses the rich and storied culture of the United Arab Emirates with a contemporary, sculptural ethos.

Alia is a curious designer who is interested in experimenting with different materials from her country’s heritage and traditional crafts. She likes to explore new techniques and methods to combine art and design.

A Dubai native with a background in graphic design and illustration, her journey to winning the prestigious 2021 Fashion Trust Arabia Prize began with ‘Tears’ – a collection inspired by the frankincense burned as incense in her childhood home – and ‘Satami’, which draws from traditional jewellery worn by Emirati elders. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in the UAE, expect a selection of tactile rings, necklaces and earrings in gleaming 18kt gold studded with precious stones.

FTA winner Alia Bin Omair celebrates the cultural nuances of her native United Arab Emirates for her eponymous jewellery line, including this Levonah gold-plated sterling silver necklace. Handcrafted in Dubai, it's strung with chunky links cast with a textured and irregular form inspired by the profile of raw Frankincense, then set with a neat flip clap to ensure a streamlined silhouette.

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These gold-plated silver Levonah earrings are a standout piece from Alia Bin Omair's 'Tears' collection – a repertoire of statement jewellery pieces that won her the 2021 Fashion Trust Arabia award. They're handmade in Dubai with a crinkled form and texture, inspired by the frankincense burned as incense in her childhood home, then finished with a latch fastening.

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Part of Alia Bin Omair's 'Tears' collection, this Olibanum ring pays homage to the heritage of the designer's native United Arab Emirates. It's handcrafted in Dubai from gold-plated silver to resemble fragments of frankincense bark for a raw and natural texture.



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