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Alexander McQueenSPRING 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

Sarah Burton took her final bow at Alexander Mcqueen’s spring 2024 show today at Paris Fashion Week after sitting at the helm as creative director since 2010. The designer ended it just as she began—in jeans, a shirt, and trainers, with her pin-cushion strapped to her arm.

Because that’s what Sarah’s been doing backstage—perfecting everything, hands-on, right up to the last moment, and it indeed showed with this collection.

She has set a consistent standard for craftsmanship and imagination throughout her career, and each look from her final offering for Alexander McQueen sang Burton’s perfectly curated song— especially the metallic moment worn by Super Naomi Campbell to close the show.

“This collection is inspired by female anatomy, Queen Elizabeth I, the blood red rose and Magdalena Abakanowicz, a transgressive and powerfully creative artist who refused ever to compromise her vision.

The show is dedicated to the memory of Lee Alexander McQueen, whose wish was always to empower women, and to the passion, talent and loyalty of my team.” Sarah Burton, Creative Director



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