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Alberta Ferretti SPRING 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

With the lightness that was typical of him, Paul Klee described the activity of drawing as

carrying a line. Lightness has always been part of Alberta Ferretti's language, and this season continues the dialogue with women, the true driving force of all her work, bringing a whole series of lines travelling: stripes, ribbons, nets, notches.

It is a journey, as always, done of impalpable balances and contrasts, strong-willed and delicate, subtle but incisive.

The collection has a double soul: on the one hand concrete and pragmatic, on the other delicate and dreamy, in both cases present and seductive.

The collection is twofold: on the one hand, it is pragmatic, on the other delicate and dreamy, in both cases seductive. The journey opens with a series of fresh cotton shirts and trousers enhanced by the rhythm of bold stripes on light-blue backgrounds. These are accompanied by suits wearing wide trousers and constructed jackets.

The silhouette is fluid and vertical, either very short or very long. Pockets are both a decorative and functional element, placed on the hips like peplums or belts.

This precision with a softly masculine bend soon gives way to the draping and impalpable lightness which is Alberta Ferretti’s very personal signature.

However, the usual soft femininity acquires a new sensuality. Braided chains run along openings and necklines, while drawstrings allow one to adapt the shape to the body, revealing it more or less decisively.

It is the woman who decides; it is on her feelings that everything is shaped.

The journey of the stripes continues until the evening, when they become silk ribbons that dance and intertwine on the body in purely rhythmical patterns that continues onthe bags and wedge shoes.

Floral prints add a pictorial and sensual allure to the amalgamation of georgette, poplin, linen and silk: natural fabrics enhanced by the palette of warm and neutral tones punctuated by notes of coral and cherry. A vision of lightness and movement; a definitive affirmation of femininity that is never static.



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