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Alberta Ferretti PRE-FALL 2024

Alberta Ferretti designs for “real women and their busy lives,” she said at a pre-fall appointment. “They want to sync up with the times without looking too fashionable or in-your-face.”

Concreteness and poetry, for Alberta Ferretti, are specular and complementary characteristics. The taste for the real and the possible is always enhanced by an ineffable ability to capture magic in the lightness of a movement, surprise in the light of an embroidery.

The normal becomes special, the dream insinuates itself into everyday life. The driving force of this coherent but changing vision is, always, the dialogue between Alberta and women, which this season materializes in an idea of elegance that is not brazen, not shouted, but rich in nuance.

Working with a neutral and cosmetic palette of dark grey and black tones, champagne, pink and light blue, Alberta Ferretti imagines a wardrobe that crosses moments and occasions that are as many nuances of the female personality: pragmatic in the long coats, in parkas, trench coats and safari jackets worn with pleated or denim trousers, bold in lizard-effect leather jackets worn with satin shorts, ethereal in long draped and bias-cut dresses that dance on the body. The silhouette is fluid and vertical, with a play of continuous dialogues and contrasts between masculine and feminine: checked or striped shirts, but in jacquard organza, pleated trousers like skirts; mini pleated.

The usual soft femininity acquires a new strength, while the desire to offer women malleable tools materializes in garments that can be worn in different ways: waistcoats combined with shirts, and tunics that veil fourreaux. All in an amalgam of cashmere, satin, organza, flannel and pasty wools. The accessories are lace-up brogues, high boots, flat or kitten heel mules and then handbags with a clear design. A vision of concreteness full of nuances, for an idea of magical realism.



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