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40 Ways to Style Your Hair on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is approaching. You've secured the venue, the guest list is made, the invitations printed, bridesmaids chosen, and cake decorations settled upon. Of the innumerable things to think about before your stroll down the aisle, what you're going to look like on your big day is typically at front of your mind. Once the dress is secured and the makeup artist nails the demo, all that's left is figuring out what to do with your hair. You want it to be just right since you'll likely be getting photographed all day.

The way you wear your hair can completely transform the mood of your look. Your hairstyle, ideally, will complement — not compete with — the details of your outfit. So, where to start when searching for the right 'do when you say "I do?" Consider this tip from New York City-based bridal hairstylist Lauren Baxter: "I always say that a bride should look and feel like a more polished version of herself on her wedding day. If you're someone who always wears their hair down, and feels most comfortable with it down, then wear it down. The same goes if you always wear it up."

Of course, your wedding hairstyle can also be decided depending on your outfit. Danielle Diaz, New York City-based wedding specialist at Butterfly Studio Salon, says, "If you have an open back, perhaps wear your hair up to play off the details. Wearing something classic? Maybe a sleek bridal updo. Going more boho? Try something down and loose." The style of your veil — or whether you wear one at all — can also play a role in choosing the right look.

In short, bridal hairstyles should ideally complement three things: 1) your personality, 2) your ensemble, and 3) the aesthetic of your wedding.

Enlist the help of a hairstylist to do a trial after you've found your dress. "Hair-care wise, let them know once you've set a date, then they can come up with a timeline that best suits your needs," says Diaz. "I recommend a cut and color in the two weeks leading up to your wedding. Refreshing your color and touching up your face-framing is essential for most bridal looks."



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